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Kayden’s Contact Information:
Cell: 978-577-8410 Studio: 978-958-0551
Main: 978-556-3339
Direct Work Line: 978-872-1104
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Kayden Gordon, who hosts “The Kayden Gordon Show, Today’s Best Country Mix ” started out in radio at a young age, and has been striving in bringing his show to over 150 radio stations. Kayden has always loved country music, and has always listened to country radio stations, including (WKLB) Country 102.5 in Boston, MA. Two of his favorite DJs at WKLB are Ayla Brown and Carolyn Kruse.


Kayden found his passion for radio while listening to WKLB, and ventured out on Facebook internet radio groups to find out there is not an age limit to get started and work on his dreams!

Kayden Gordon“The Kayden Gordon Show Today’s Best Country Mix” is a 2-hour syndicated program playing the best country mix of today mixed into yesterday’s country. Kayden also includes many cool interviews with different people such as artists like Ayla Brown and Samantha Rae Whiskey-6 and actors like Havan Flores from Nickelodeon’s Danger Force, Kensington Tallman from Nickelodeon’s Drama Club and even bigger guests like Rich Fields from The Price Is Right and Ryan Phoung from CBS’s Young Sheldon and big country names such as Rayne Johnson, Parmalee and so many other people to join him! Kayden recently began “The Country Minute with Kayden Gordon” where he covers country music news in one minute during his syndicated program.

Kayden likes to hang out with his dog Scout and go outside and go to different places, and also likes to watch TV in his free time outside of the radio world. Kayden also enjoys spending time with his friends and family. Kayden has also featured in “Nashville Country Music Magazine”. Kayden has also gotten up to 1.4K people on his website over the last year, he has also has a good social following and he enjoys promoting independent artists.


Songwriter Awards:
Achieving Is Succeeding, written by Kayden Gordon, sung by Bob McGilpin (Sep 2023)
Focused, written by Kayden Gordon, sung by Nuvocoke (Feb 2023)
Blamin’ Me, written by Kayden Gordon, sung by Bob McGilpin (Feb 2024)
Night Out, written by Kayden Gordon, Annemarie Picerno, sang by Annemarie Picerno and Bob McGilpin (June 2022)

Radio Host Awards:
The Kayden Gordon Show, Today’s Best Country Mix (Host on over 150 + Stations Supporting Every Artist Around The Globe!)
Kayden Gordon Radio Host

Radio Station Awards:
Kayden Gordon Radio Network – https://kaydengordonradio.com

Promotion/ Management Company Section:
KJG Media and Promotions & Kayden Gordon Promotions, https://thekaydengordonshow.com/promotions (I love helping promote people’s songs)

I manage my daughter’s Sisters J and we were introduced to Kayden. He is one of the best promoters I have met to date. He is professional, does what he says he is going to do, and has integrity. These are HIGH qualities, especially in the music business. I feel like we found a true gem when we found Kayden. He has more integrity at his age than most people I know. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a promotion with their music.

-Mary Elizabeth Jackson

Mary Elizabeth Jackson

Author, Certified Special Needs and Disability Advocate, Live Streamer, Speaker, Educator, Ghostwriter, songwriter, E & L Publishing ASCAP Manager Sisters J Music

Kayden is the epitome of a professional. He is dedicated, proactive, and truly cares about the people he partners with. He’s quick to respond to questions/inquiries and is a natural problem solver, quick to investigate if there are any issues/problems. The interviews he has with his guests are engaging and interesting – it really makes it feel as though you are sitting amongst friends and are a part of the conversation. He is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and supports artists by helping them with all the back-end stuff (social media, pitching music to radio stations, setting up interviews, etc.)

-Christine West

Christine West

National Account Executive, Partner Channel at AnswerNet

Kayden is a wonderful person to work with! Very open to brainstorming and exploring new or different avenues. He’s very responsive with communication which is always greatly appreciated. Kayden is extremely passionate about his work and will work his hardest to ensure your success as well!

Sam Parker

Sam Parker

Senior Account Manager-Brand Partnerships , NBC Universal Media


Kayden is a very mature, intelligent, and focused young man.  He has worked hard and earned the respect and trust of many other DJs, artists, and promoters.  He has taken my songs and managed to do the unthinkable in this day and time.  He has been able to get them played on terrestrial  AM/FM radio.  I am so proud of my promoter and even more proud to call him a friend.  Kayden is a wiz at social media and does such a good job it is amazing how he handles my pages.  Kayden is a hard worker and dedicated to his job and the people he represents.

Beth Holli

Country-Pop Artist Who Toured With Dottie West

I was recently introduced to Kayden and was immediately impressed by his tech/business savvy. In a relatively short time, Kayden has gathered an amazing list of accomplishments. Despite his ongoing multi-tasking, I found him to be extremely approachable and very giving of his time. He’s a true professional with an exciting and bright future ahead of him. I would highly recommended Kayden.

Rocky Michaels

Multi-award winning singer-songwriter/recording artist at Rocky Michaels Music

I wholeheartedly recommend Kayden and his services to anyone seeking professional promotion and industry connections. His exceptional skills, commitment, and passion make him an asset to any indie artist or project.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information. Thank you for considering
my recommendation.

Pepper Jay

Music Producer, Cappy Records

Worked with Kayden on a holiday music release called Santa’s Having a Tailgate (by Batson Haines). His success in promoting that continues to lead to several other opportunities. You won’t find anyone who works harder to help artists and songwriters.

Jeff Batson

Owner, Batson Valuation & Hi-Value Music

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Kayden John NBC Boston
Kayden John NBC Boston
Kayden on NBC Boston

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Kayden’s Contact Information:
Cell: 978-577-8410 Studio: 978-958-0551
Main: 978-556-3339
Direct Work Line: 978-872-1104